This section contains cosmetic products that have medical purposes.

Rayprotek Spf 50
Rs. 920
Rayprotek  spf 50
Fixderma Shadow Spf 30+ Gel
Rs. 560
Fixderma shadow spf 30+ gel
Nevlon Moisturizing Cream
Rs. 375
Nevlon moisturizing cream
Alpha Beta Acne Cleanser 200 Ml
Rs. 1200
Alpha beta acne cleanser 200 ml
Acnemoist Cream
Rs. 520
Acnemoist cream
Glyclin Face Wash
Rs. 360
Glyclin face wash
Retinext Anti-aging Serum
Rs. 2590
Retinext anti-aging serum
Fiama Gel Bar Peach & Avacado
Rs. 107
Fiama Gel Bar Peach & Avacado