This section contains cosmetic products that have medical purposes.

Rayprotek Spf 50
Rs. 920
Rayprotek  spf 50
Fixderma Shadow Spf 30+ Gel
Rs. 560
Fixderma shadow spf 30+ gel
Nevlon Moisturizing Cream
Rs. 375
Nevlon moisturizing cream
Loceryl Cream
Rs. 211.2
Loceryl cream
G-thione Whitening Cream
Rs. 1120
G-thione whitening cream
Glymax Lotion
Rs. 0
Glymax lotion
G-thione Whitening Face Wash
Rs. 520
G-thione whitening face wash
Alpha Beta Acne Cleanser 200 Ml
Rs. 1200
Alpha beta acne cleanser 200 ml