Dv 60k cap capsule

Dv 60k cap capsule

Composition :
Cholicalciferol 60,000 IU

Manufactured By :
Indchemie Health Specialities


Price: Nrs. 51.34 Only

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Dv 60k cap capsule Uses
Alerts its conversion from Vit D3,calcitriol exerts its effects on the body binding to and activating Vit d receptors(VDRs),which are located in the nuclei of target cells.Once activated,VDRs can function as transcription factors that bind to cellular DNA nad control gene expression,ultimately triggering a biological response.

How Dv 60k cap capsule works
Treatment or prevention of Vitamin D deficiency

Common side effects of Dv 60k cap capsule
Hyperphosphataemia or hypercalcaemia.Associated effects of hypercalcaemia anclude hypercalciuria,ectopic calcification and renal &CV damage

Available Substitutes


Calcirol granules

Manufactured by:
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited

Price: Nrs. 62.78

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